Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gravity... man's oldest, most silent nemesis

Looks like Christmas is coming early to the Clooney Italian villa!  Who's going to get pranked this year?  Silvio Berlusconi?  The new Pope?  An unprecedented third week at #1 for Gravity!  This'll give Clooney's career a much needed refreshing, and for Sandra Bullock as well, of course.  Me myself, I'm not big on Bullock's back catalog.  Meanwhile, Stallone's cranking out movie after movie before Expendables 3 hits theaters.  In his latest, he and Schwarzenegger star in something called Escape Plan.  I like to think of it as a sequel to Lock Up.  Is it any good?  I've never seen it.  The last debut this week is The Fifth Estate.  Shame, seeing as how they advertised the hell out of it on TV.  If only there were some website where they could promote it!  Hmm...  This is decidedly less sexual fare than director Bill Condom usually does.  And his next looks even worse!  Old Sherlock Holmes?  I thought Robert Downey was already playing that... oh, s'z'nap!

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