Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Naughty boys!

Gravity four weeks in a row?  I haven't seen anything like it since Home Alone was #1 for TWELVE weeks!  Oh right... there's Titanic.  Point is, there's 52 weeks, but never 52 different films at #1!  Also, it's a little early.  Guess I just can't wait!
(Sunday)  Actually, when you get right down to it, there probably are a lot of bad grandpas out there, but Johnny Knoxville in makeup is funnier.  Is it just that he has a knack for picking the good projects?  I mean, couldn't Bam or that fat guy have done this just as well?  No, because Knoxville is to the Jackass group what Graham Chapman was to Python: the leading man.  And once again, they've targeted the right audience to make Bad Grandpa #1 at the box office this weekend.  Who could it be?  The young douchebags who still watch MTV?  Somehow The Counselor just didn't click with them, debuting at #4, despite the wall-to-wall ad campaigns, and despite the celluloid reunion of Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz.
On the other end of the top 10, 12 Years a Slave comes in at #8 with 3 million at the box office, and you know what that means!  Oscar nominations galore come three to four months from now.  Speaking of which, it's a season of one-timers.  I mean, more specifically ,Pulling Strings, Machete Kills and The Fifth Estate were only on the Top 10 for one week, and now they're gone.  But Enough Said is a virtual success story!  Not that Julia Louis-Dreyfus needs it, of course.  It's been hanging around for four weeks now.  Now, I'm probably the only one putting this one forward, but here goes anyway... Oscar nom for Gandolfini?  Sure, it's really the Oscar he should've gotten for... let's say Surviving Christmas.  But isn't it the thought that counts?

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