Thursday, October 17, 2013

Loose Loot Riles Stooges

I don't even have to watch this one!  Ah, what a classic, this young sapling bourne from the mother log that was Hold That Lion.  As the filmmakers inherently knew, the setup was just too good to use only once.  The lion stuff, however, was getting tiresome even by the Stooges' own low standards.  But Columbia was shooting a film that week about the antics backstage at a big Vaudeville theater.  In those days it took a lot longer for once thriving institutions to wither away, you see.
But I digress once again.  This is a blog, for God's sake!  Focus!  The point being that I and my viewing companions in our carefree youth made the most of our adolescence, including a proverbial Summer of Love that was spent watching the fruit-hurling sequence of Loose Loot.  Shemp seemed like a god back then, even at his advanced age.
Ah, but all was not happy in that fateful dressing room.  Take the Passion of the Moe, for example, when he gets lodged between the mattress and the front door with the giant head-sized hole in it.  Trial by fist, to say the least!  Okay, I'll recuse myself from this classic.  But did you ever notice how they only cover up a small part of the newspaper with their story?  The rest is unrelated!  I mean, they released the Ambrose Rose Estate, despite the fact that there's nine dead and 200 wounded?  Check, please!

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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