Thursday, October 03, 2013

Safeky Last

I seem to recall that pattern from geometry class.  Anyway, our next Popeye cartoon is called The Paneless Window Washer... I still don't get it.  And once again the IMDb has let me down.  No one's done the "Connections" tab for this one!  I'm pretty sure Popeye shows a bit of this to Wimpy in Customers Wanted.... nope, just Let's Get Movin' and The Twisker Pitcher.  Small world, because there's a bit from Let's Get Movin' that gets recycled here, when Popeye finds himself taking the stairs faster than 10 feet per second squared so he can punch a falling Bluto before Bluto jellies up the sidewalk.
Anyway, the plot.  Business is slow for Bluto as a window washer, so he takes the mud on the street and puts it onto the windows of the skyscraper across the street.  No one's around to see him, so it's the perfect economic crime.  Using his fireman's training from The Two Alarm Fire, he's able to get the mud onto many windows with a hose.  So far, Bluto's plan is working fine until he runs afoul of Olive, Public Stenographer, who's hired Popeye to wash the windows.  Let the next pissing match begin!
I'm loathe to call this one a classic, as it has a lot of Bluto choking Olive.  Also, no stereoscopic 3D background.  A lot of good mumbling in this one, though, and chewing sounds when Popeye engulfs his trusty spinach.  Three stars it is then.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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