Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spinach Study #3

Hmm, that's odd!  There's a couple Stooge films like this one... that is, like our next Popeye short called My Artistical Temperature... get it?  It's a play on "temperament."  Look it up on if you don't believe me!... Actually, better sidestep that page altogether.
Anyway, as with all Popeye cartoons good and lousy, Wikipedia's got all the dirt on all of them, including the instant case.  They rightly point out that versions have been edited for TV to purge the awful racist joke in it, and they point out what's pointed out at the very beginning during the Paramount logo, that there's patented processes at work in the animation.  That's what I have a problem with, because half of the fun of these things is the parts in "3D."  Unless it's the slight zoom at the beginning, I DIDN'T SEE IT!  There's no 3D in this one!  WTF!  What a ripoff.  I demand a parital refund.
As for the plot, well... as Seinfeld once said to Elaine and Putty that they're the only two people in New York for each other, apparently such is the case with Baking Soda Popeye and Vinegar Bluto.  I mean, neither one of them thought it would be a bad idea to open an art studio together?  No second thoughts about that decision?  And what about the people who approved this merger?  Are THEY not to blame a little bit?  Don't they know the disastrous track record?  And how close to 100% disaster it is?  No input from the police or emergency crews that have to clean up mess after mess after mess?
And so, once again, Olive throws a little gas on the fire that's already raging between Popeye and Bluto.  And as much as I hate to cut this short, not only does Popeye kick Bluto's ass and ruin all his paintings, he proves once and for all that sculpture is better than paintings, although a few of my genius painter artist type friends might disagree with that.
...okay, I took a closer look at the DVD of this one.  Apparently, that very first scene is a 3D background!  Unusual, because they usually only move the backgrounds left to right.  They dare to dolly into it a little bit!  What could've been...

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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