Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Next Popeye: Hospitaliky... seriously? That's the title?

...I guess I should probably say a little bit more.  Also, it's not one of the ones I usually watch.  It's a simple setup really: Olive is a nurse at an actual hospital this time, and not at the "Bruiser Boys" club.  Bluto starts pretending to be sick... you know, so Olive will be his nurse.  Popeye tries as well.  HOWEVER, Olive wasn't born yesterday.  She was born at night, but not last night.  Don't spit in her soup and say it's raining, basically!  She declares that the hospital is for people who are genuinely sick.  And so, off the two boys go into the animated world, much like Homer when he kept chanting to himself "Must... hurt... self..."  I believe it was in the episode right after the Halloween episode with Homer ^ 3 in it.  Somebody else confirm that for me, will you?
We follow Bluto and Popeye on their separate adventures.  Popeye ends up in a plane!  Bluto has a genuine accident on a motorcycle.  The ambulance comes and... well, you can probably guess what happens.  I sure hate to spoil it.  They eventually meet at the train tracks and fight over who will get hit by the oncoming train.  Sure, the Fleischers seem to have lifted some of the cels from the very first Popeye the Sailor cartoon called Betty Boop Presents Popeye the Sailor, but they did finally complete the part with the train going past, rather than Popeye punching it into submission.  Somebody busted their ass on that, lemme tell ya!
And then, the genius part... again, I hate to spoil it, but this cartoon is approaching its 80th birthday, so why not.  Normally, Popeye would eat his spinach and beat the s...snot out of Bluto, but he remembered that Olive is not a damsel in distress this time... so he feeds Bluto the spinach!  And so, for once, the tables are turned.  And as you can see from the expression on Bluto's face, even Bluto can't believe what's happening.  And sure enough, next scene: Popeye's in bed in a full body cast, being lovingly looked at by Nurse Olive.  The architecture of that hospital's a little weird, though, as an angry Bluto's right there, within reaching distance of Popeye, angrily looking on and wishing he was in a full body cast in a hospital bed.  Popeye toots his pipe twice, then sticks his tongue out at Bluto, saying "Nyaah!"  Brilliance!  Brilliance... I used the wrong word to begin this.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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