Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Box Office ENDGAME

Damn.  Already squandered that hour I gained.  And it seems to have delayed the box office totals as well.  Gotta wait some more...............
(9:32pm) I KNEW I forgot something!  Well, go figure.  The ad campaign worked, and the young people are down with the latest fanboy phenom called Ender's Game.  One of the Armed Forces likes this book, or so I read on the movie's IMDb Trivia page.  And I like the book, too!  At least, as long as it doesn't lead to compulsory service.  Well, that's a young man's game, anyway, which I'm far too old for anyway.  I've been lucky, anyway, as no one's taken an interest in my dirt farm yet.
Well, enough discussion of Ender's Game.  Let's move on.  I get kind of a creepy church-y vibe from it anyway.  I have a feeling Harrison Ford's going to renegotiate his Star Wars and Indiana Jones 5 contracts!  At #3 comes the Adam Sandler comedy not starring Adam Sandler called Last Vegas.  Sandler will be doing films like this in about 20 to 30 years.  He can't fight it forever.  And last but not least it's Angry Birds: The Motion Picture... I'm sorry, it's actually called Free as a Bird, based on that new Beatles song... my God!  Has it been almost 15 years now?  I must be having a lot of fun, because time's sure flying... EIGHTEEN YEARS!!!!  Boy, that was fast.  Where was I?  Oh, right.  The movie's called Free Birds and... yup, another Pixar clone.  Its director is a guy named Jimmy Hayward.  Apparently he's in a big rush to be the next John Lasseter, but he's trying to do an end run around Pixar University to do it.  He's an old-fashioned schizophrenic auteur on the make.  His last pic was the critically beat up Jonah Hex, which was live action, incidentally.  Dude!  Make up your mind!  Oh right... that's what a true auteur does.  180 degree shifts in paradigms.  Take Kubrick, for example!  Going from 2001 to Clockwork Orange.  Now that's a big paradigm shift!  At least as far as the MPAA's concerned.

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