Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Flying Deuces, Part 2: Tit for Tat

Herald the harps and trumpets!  It's time for another Joe Besser short called Horsing Around.  In case the plot and cast (Tony the Wonder Horse?) seem a little familiar, that's because this is a sequel to the short from five films ago, Hoofs and Goofs.  Welp, you gotta hand it to the Stooges... Joe Besser's forcing them to try all sorts of new things.  This is the first official Stooge sequel, but it's not Jules White's first rodeo.  He's worked with plenty of trained animals before... but I should probably brush up on my history first before saying that.
Anyway, Moe's holding up a picture of his sister... him in drag.  Moe spends the film looking like he's half out of the sister makeup, lol.  Here's a spot where Larry seems to be rather fed up with Joe.  Is it just me?  I don't think so.  I feel your pain, Lawrence.  I feel your pain.
But horses weren't meant to be alone.  Bertie wants to seek out Schnapps, her horse soul mate.  Off the four of them go into the Los Angeles back woods and... to the same cabin of Guns a Poppin!  Even the same couple seconds of 2nd unit, scene-establishing footage!  God bless the shoestring Stooges.  And yet, that Farrelly brothers Three Stooges movie cost more to make than all the Stooges' shorts combined.  Go figure.
Probably, I mean.  Now for those of you who find the Stooges too lowbrow, ol' Joe Besser's to the rescue!  Another first: Larry complements the caraway seeds in the rye bread of the sandwich he's eating.  That's right... caraway seeds!  Unfortunately, Moe brings the proceedings back down to the gutter with his retort... no.  I'm not going to dignify it further by repeating it.  Disgusting.
And so, the third act.  The Stooges spring into action when they hear on the radio that Schnapps is going to be shot that very day!  The filmmakers cleverly build dramatic tension with two concurrent plot threads: 1) the Stooges rushing towards Schnapps, and 2) Emil Sitka acting elderly, who has been appointed the official assassin of Schnapps.  Fortunately for us, he's inept, and keeps getting distracted from his goal.
The Stooges' wagon develops a Taxi Boys taxi-type wheel at some point.  Geometry students, take note: the axle is not penetrating the wheel at its center.  A little bit off, and it's comedy gold!  Gold, Jerry!
Moe's wearing a very shiny detective coat.  Lol!  Also, the inspiration for Sideshow Bob's greatest nemesis!  Oh, this one's a classic... or maybe not.  It turns into a mushy love story when the two horses are reunited.  And, for all the Creepy Police out there, isn't the ending kinda creepy?  Arrest this short!

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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