Saturday, June 28, 2014

Robots Hitting Each Other

Welp, someone predicted that Transformers 4 would make $100 million... I guess just in the USA.  And it did!  So, somebody's doing something right.  And you know, I'm starting to think that all those CGI guys who work on the Transformers movies have a point about storytelling.  I mean, the robots have car tires on them!  IT'S ROBOTS HITTING EACH OTHER!  IT'S NOT SHAKESPEARE.  IT'S NOT DOSTOYEVSKY.  IT'S ROBOTS HITTING EACH OTHER!!!!!
I was going to say it's not Dickens or Stephen King, but that's a little iffy.  Anyway, the strong opening weekend virtually guarantees the continuation of the saga.  I'm wondering what it will take to replace Marky Mark.  My guess is he'll do three, tops, then get bored and move on to his next variation of Shooter.
Meanwhile, on the bottom end of the Top 10, Chef continues to cling on.  It's Jon Favreau's movie equivalent of a food truck about an Anthony Bourdain wanna be working out of a food truck.  Apparently, he burned some bridges with Cowboys and Aliens, so he has to do this as a gesture of good faith to get back into the blockbuster inner circle.  I'm confident he'll succeed.

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