Friday, September 26, 2014

Auteur Watch - Duana C. Butler

Well, from the looks of this person's IMDb résumé, they're a Mark Burnett in the making.  Look out, reality TV!  There's a new kid in town.  But if you really wanna make it big, first you gotta try to break in to the tight-lipped gates of Amblin Entertainment.  Take some tips from the team that worked for that girl with the dragon tattoo!  Maybe plug a super modem hacker a couple blocks away or something and monitor the communications.  Try and deliver a package they're expecting, except it's just a box with your old screenplays in it.  They might appreciate your ingenuity!  Or, if you're still good friends with Idris Elba, stick with him!  I think he's practically got Spielberg's right ear.  Let's see, Idris Elba was in Prometheus which was directed by Ridley Scott and... well, the trail grows cold from there.  Is there no way to connect Ridley with Spielberg?  One cast or crew member they had in common?  My software's letting me down, that's for sure.

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