Friday, September 26, 2014

I'll Die with the Jimmy Durante Fly Picking My Bones

Well, with all the running around poor Popeye had to do catching that sweepstakes ticket, and trying to help Pappy sleep, it's time for Popeye himself to get some damn sleep.  Popeye's been reduced to a One-Act play now: he's no longer roommates with Pappy, and Olive and Bluto and Wimpy and Swee'pea and the Jeep are nowhere to be found.  Nor the Sea Hag!  What do the Fleischers have against the Sea Hag?  Anyway, I think it can be safely called... the long dark Popeye of the soul.
But nature abhors a vacuum, and she's got a million ways to fill it, creating biological opportunities for a whole host of creatures to get in on the ground floor of.  In this instant case, Flies Ain't Human, we narrow our focus to flies.  I guess Popeye hasn't washed the top of his head lately, because for some reason a large pride of flies has taken a keen interest in it!  And for one rare instance, Popeye shows a little finesse.  Popeye quietly and carefully takes a deep breath, he quietly and carefully aims his corn cob pipe, he quietly and carefully opens the window closest to him, and he blows a small jet stream of air, pushing all the flies out the window.  He closes the window and all is well, and he's prepared for a reskfull bit of sleep.
That's the introductory episode.  Enter the fly that will challenge Popeye for the rest of this flick.  This fly's a little more advanced, a little more devious and has other plans in mind than finding a nice fresh dog turd to crawl on... thought I finished this review!  Shame on me.  Anyway, gotta keep it short; double shame on me.  Okay, so Popeye defeats the fly, then flicks the fly over to the empty can of spinach.  As it happens... yup, there's a little left.  Gulp goes the fly, and it's equanimity time!  The fly's kicking Popeye's ass, and Popeye gets frustrated... I mean, en-fluster-cated.  So much so that he takes to his shotgun and blows holes in the entire house.  Problem solved... except when all the fly's friends show up and sing and dance on Popeye's head.  Why does this remind me of the ending of Helpmates a little bit?


p.s. Finally found this on the web!  Some film critic I am!  I hate to outsmart the esteemed panel of To Tell the Truth, but if you've watched even a few Popeye cartoons, it's kinda easy to guess who's who.

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