Thursday, September 18, 2014

Auteur Watch - LeVar Burton

Kunta Kinte?  Mr. La Forge?  The Reading Rainbow guy?  Yes, that's right.  Everybody still wants to direct... and after being directed by Riker, who can blame him.  The Librarians and the Fables of Doom, indeed!  How original.  Well, when you've got a star as big as LeVar, he probably has no problem getting a meeting with Spielberg, but surely there's some kind of shaky-at-best and criminally-negligent-at-worst path of Hollywood connections to get to him?  My special software's choking on that prospect right now, but I think I already have my favourite one in mind.  Here goes...

LeVar was in a little movie called The Hunter with Steve McQueen.  Perhaps you remember it!  McQueen spends the whole movie going "I am a bounty hunter!  Bounty huntering is what I do."

Anyway, one of the five wordsmiths to work on The Hunter was Hollywood auteur Peter Hyams.  What's his Spielberg connection?  Well, he directed a little something called The Amazing Falsworth, and if you're like me, you remember that it's one of the more, rather dramatic episodes of Spielberg's short-lived TV venture, Amazing Stories.  Did I do it again or what?  ...then again, Hyams is kinda picky, so tread carefully.  All those who aren't Don Calfa need not apply!

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