Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Ides of September

I guess no one cares about defending the galaxy anymore.  Guardians finally slips to #3, ousted by two newcomers.  First, Dolphin Tale 2 at #2 and, unlike the cast of Atlas Shrugged Part II, most of the cast of Dolphin Tale 1 seems to have returned for the second installment.  Oh, Harry Connick Jr. and Ashley Judd... how they have fallen.  And second, at #1, it's No Good Deed, not to be confused with Tyler Perry's Good Deeds or, to a lesser extent, Adam Sandler's 2002 pic Mr. Deeds.  Boy, it must be frustrating sometimes for some people who never watch Turner Classic Movies.  First of all, everyone in those movies is dead.  Second, where's the fart jokes?  Third, where's the bawdy old people?
Anyway, I guess I hate to admit it once again, but where did the ad campaign for No Good Deed come from?  Not The Daily Show or Colbert Report, that's all I know.  The other debut this week is The Drop.  I think this is Tony Soprano's final last movie, but who knows.

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