Friday, September 26, 2014

The "The"'s Have It

Two debuts this week: The Boxtrolls at #3... I still don't get it... and The Equalizer at #1.  Yes, there may be no good roles for Denzel in Hollywood, but at least there are still profitable ones.  It's a reboot of the classic 80s TV series, The Equalizer, but alas, Ed Woodward has already passed on, so it's not going to be like Leonard Nimoy in the new Star Trek movies.  Why, it's Carbon Copy all over again!  Hey, there's your good Hollywood role for ya, Denzel!  What better way to bookend your career?  Redo Carbon Copy but with you in the George Segal role and... I don't know.  Get the next reincarnation of Jamie Kennedy for your role in the original.  Criss cross!


black eyes said...

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The Movie Hooligan said...

You're very welcome. So what country are you reading from? Just curious. My global stats are low right now, but I've apparently got readers all over: Russia, France, Germany, what have you