Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Baby the Rayne Must Fall

No debuts this week!  And even though there's apparently an asteroid headed for earth that NASA may have missed, Guardians of the Galaxy remains at #1.  No, the only big story this week is that something called The Identical bombed... and badly.  Someone wanted it to do well, but they could only afford coverage on the local news.  The story I heard was "'The Identical' is a film about twin brothers separated at birth: one becomes a rock icon, the other struggles to pay his rent and bills.  Ashley Judd stars."  While we may never know which brother Ashley plays, it's apparently a Christian-themed film based on the life of Elvis, sort of how I'm Not There is a non-denominational film based on the life of Bob Dylan.  Alas, it appears that The Identical has failed to strike a chord with either fans of Elvis, or fans of Jesus.  But something tells me we haven't seen the last of the one the Mortals call Blake Rayne, birth name Ryan Pelton.  The raging fires of Ayn Rand burn brightly within the soul of that one, I can tell!

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