Sunday, September 20, 2015

Auteur Watch - Bridgett M. Davis

Ooh!  An easy one!  Good.  Well, I hate to be so simplistic, but there seems to be a disparity between Ms. Davis' filmography and her IMDb bio.  Her bio clearly states that she "took a filmmaking course out of curiosity and soon found herself immersed in filmmaking."  I didn't include the year, so no one could claim ageism.  Again.  Her filmography is only one movie: 1996's Naked Acts.  Here's my point: ONE FILM IS NOT IMMERSED IN FILMMAKINGThere are three reviews of Naked Acts listed on the IMDb, two of which seem to point to a site for sale, and one of which generates an "Error 500."  You know... it's immersed in reviews.

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