Sunday, April 10, 2016

Attack of the Full-Figured Gals

...which I understand the Academy is holding over for consideration... okay, I'll give the hyperlink to what that's from.  My God!  Has it been 30 years?  And yet, none of this stuff's been re-released on DVD.  Guess they're just waiting for Blu-Ray technology to get better.  Yes, surprise surprise, Melissa McCarthy's latest, The Boss, hits a home run at #1.  Not bad for an R-rated comedy!  Not bad at all.  The writers got the idea for the movie when they watched an old Simpsons episode where Mr. Burns is living with the Simpsons while he recuperates, usually over financial trouble.  It's of course all paving the way for the Ghostbusters reboot, something for semi-cinephiles to bicker about, of course.  Oh, the costumes aren't right!  The vehicle isn't right!
Meanwhile, while Eye in the Sky hovers at the bottom of the Top 10, the only other debut this week is the Russian import Hardcore Henry.  And just as The Onion pointed out, it's basically GoPro: The Motion Picture.  Also basically a video game, a POV action shooter like Duke Nukem... of course, my favourite was always Doom.  And to a lesser extent, "Blake Stone"... probably Episode 1.  I ended up getting too much ammo at one point and got bored with that one.  Sorry, something else I just can't seriously get into.  I guess it speaks more to the modern Russian character ultimately, what with their proliferation of dash cams and all.  As we'll find out on the director's cut, they had to trim several scenes where Hardcore Henry sits there and stares at Putin's picture on the wall... something like that.
 ...hey, check it out!  It's Naomi Watts in a facebook insurance ad!  You've come a long way since the nerdy best friend in Tank Girl, baby!

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