Monday, April 25, 2016

aUTEUR ... Auteur Watch - Bill Duke

...wait a sec!  I've actually heard of this guy, if he's the guy I'm thinking of!  Having made friends with Ahnold Schwarzenegger on such films as Commando and Predator... actually, I think those are the only two, and Ahnold might not remember the guy...
So the go-go 80s were probably fun for Bill Duke.  I hope so.  '70s fashion merging with business suits to make... whatever.  Some seriously unholy hybrids.  Purple business suits.  Vests everywhere.  And the cocaine, of course.  But that's what the movie Blow is all about.  Or maybe Mr. Duke prefers the 1990s, when he became a right proper film director.  Such hits as... The Cemetery Club and Hoodlum... those are the only two I remember.  Dayamn, but that guy's done a lot of TVA Rage in Harlem is one of the all-time classic titles... and yet, when's the last time it's been within a mile of the new HD cable?  Where's the justice in that? 
There's a reason that Payback is in his top 4, but personally I prefer his part in The Limey.  Similar character, but not corrupt.  Been a long time since I saw that, too!  But that's the way it was, you know.  You could watch a scene about four or five times on your VHS and remember it forever.  Nowadays we're awash in cute cat videos and what not.
But the guy's nothing if not keeping busy.  American Satan sounds kind of fun.  Ash Avildsen, hmmm... the IMDb's not telling, but lemme guess.  Son of Rocky and Karate Kid director John Avildsen?  Oh, I think so.

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