Sunday, April 10, 2016

Auteur Watch - Mickey Madoda Dube

What an awful hybrid that would be, if Mickey Mouse and Madonna had a baby.  I can't even imagine, but it could probably hit notes higher even than Mariah Carey.  But we're dealing with a mega-director here, actually, if I can get past my own cultural biases for only one second or two.  Can a brother get an actual review here?!!!!!  Apparently, only when he produces something.  Something called Man on Ground, which at first sounds like a sequel to Man on Fire... the Tony Scott 2004 Man on Fire, that is.  The Variety guy says it has fantastic visual flourishes, but the storytelling will keep it from catching on in foreign markets!  I want to experience that, anyway!  It's been a while since I've had some non-Superhero based visual flourishes.  Maybe it's on YouTube or something.  Ooh!  This one's pretty good.
So at least Mickey's hovering around the A or B list, even if he can't quite get there himself directorally.  The most interesting contrast in his directorial work has to be the difference between his 2011 work Sobukwe: A Great Soul, which is apparently about one person, to his 2014 documentary called One Humanity, about far more than just one person.  Dude, make up your mind!

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