Sunday, April 17, 2016

Auteur Watch - Richard Dubin

Strange!  Charles S. Dutton, a co-worker of Dubin's, so to speak, is just around the corner!  Welp, Richard Dubin's résumé is unlike one I've encountered before.  It covers exactly ten years, all TV... then NOTHING.  Welp, he tried going white with "The Famous Teddy Z," then rather instantly went back.  I guess the corollary to that old rule is, once you go white, there's no end in sight.  Well, Dubin proved that one wrong.  I'd try to do more research on why Dubin left the biz for good in '98, but I'm superstitious.  Some bad luck stories are so bad, they start to bring your own luck down if God forbid you ever hear them.

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