Sunday, January 29, 2017

Auteur Watch - Guetty Felin

Oh, good!  Another short one.  Well, if you spend any time at all looking at Guetty Felin's online CV over at the IMDb, the first title that might jump out at you is A Rooster on the Fire Escape, if only because there's not a year associated with the title, as is the custom with the other 99.99999999% of movies featured on said IMDb.  But when you get right down to it, such a concept is damn near timeless... even if fire escapes are less than a century old.  A Fish in the Bathtub, A Rooster on the Fire Escape, nature always finds a way to adapt to the constantly changing, never not domineering world of Homo sapiens... David Chudnovsky?  Surely not THIS David Chudnovsky?  Nah, I don't think so.  I have yet to hear of someone being one of the greatest living mathematicians AND being transportation captain on "American Pie: The Naked Mile."  When speaking of mutual exclusivity, that comes to mind.
But when you've got a small résumé like Guetty, you seem to be deciding whether to stick with the world of documentaries, or the world of film fiction.  Which is probably why Michael Apted, for one, finds comfort in neither.  Hunted, despised, shunned at the Port Angeles film festival, types like Apted really do have to build their own race of atomic supermen, to show the world of men and the world of Mother Nature that they can be its master.  For Guetty, nothing less than a documentary about Obama would have to do... now, was Obama actually in the movie, or is it just file footage?  Somehow I'm thinking the latter.
Nevertheless, when you've been to the mountain with a documentary such as Closer to the Dream, the world of semi-fiction calls you back.  He got the idea soon after wrapping Closer to the Dream for doing something about an earthquake in Haiti.  Tapping into that whole Paris je t'aime vibe, he came up with the vaguely autobiographical Ayiti mon Amour.  Also, there's no shame in hitching your star to a more energized director like Thomas Lennon... and NO, not this Thomas Lennon.  Geez Louise.  We need more names.  The name pool is getting too shallow.

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