Sunday, January 08, 2017

Fuzzy Math

Sorry, folks, but clearly I've let you all down again.  I coulda sworn that Hidden Figures, the #1 non-Star Wars-related movie this weekend at the box office, was going to be an HBO exclusive.  I swore I saw it pop up as the alpha television watcher was browsing past icons on our new HDTV.  But I finally caught the tail end of the publicity campaign: Kevin Costner and his chin-do on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Charlie Rose giving it a shout out and what not, what have you... actually, that was the extent of it.  I haven't caught up on all the new Daily Shows this week, but someone was probably on there pushing... promoting it.  Anyway, maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but... second Oscar for Octavia Spencer?  Is that asking so much?  Just think of her as the black Hilary Swank or something.  Every five years, a new Oscar.  I think it's only fair.  That way, I don't have to change my blog post.  Just think of it as finally getting her due for "Halfway Home."  It was on Comedy Central!
The only other debut this week is the latest installment of the Underworld franchise... so somebody's happy about that.  Debuting at #4, it's guaranteed future work for Kate Beckinsale, even though she kinda prefers the small, more prestigious projects she does in between the sequels.  Ain't it always the way then?  And I just want to give a brief shout out to Why Him? because it made one of the Top 10 Worst lists.  It may still be quickly forgotten as a footnote in the careers of everyone involved, but for now they've got the critical anti-acclaim someone desperately was seeking.  Drinks on me.

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