Sunday, January 01, 2017

Feels Like the Same Old Year

So, maybe because of the holidays, and because it aptly reflected the mood in this household, we watched Scrooged with our new TV and DVD player.  Not bad!  ...oh, damn.  Kinda spoiled the surprise.  See, if I were really good, you'd have to guess the significance of the attached photo.  Is that you in this crowd of people?  That kind of thing.  Of course, he also threw in a couple "Free South Africa"s and "Fur is Murder" shots, but that was of course in the Socialist control room.
Anyway, we're still eagerly awaiting the fresh Box Office data.  Rogue One: A Star Wars Kinda Christmas is probably still #1, of course.
(Monday) - ...yup, called it.  Not a hard call to make, of course.  Welp, Gareth Edwards, Hollywood's world is your oyster now.  Time to make Monsters 2 maybe?  No debuts this week, but Manchester by the Sea floats back into the top 10.  Every little bit will help come Oscar time.

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