Sunday, January 15, 2017

Auteur Watch - Kent Faulcon

There are actors who try their hand at directing, and say to themselves... nah, too much for me.  That seems to be the case for our next auteur, Kent Faulcon.  Faulcon, incidentally, is French for "falcon."  And it probably has that weird accent under the c... what's that called again?  (Use Alt-0231 for lowercase ç, Alt+0199 for uppercase Ç, BTW.  I'm pretty sure we didn't call it a cedilla, but whatev'z)  I guess when you work with Sam Mendes and Steven Soderbergh, you might get a little intimidated by the director's chair.  I mean, for one thing, these guys are always on their feet!  They don't even use the damn chair!  Sodie's always on the crane with the camera for some reason, for one thing... damn, I double checked first.  He was the dude at the beginning of Men in Black 1 who says "We're here because we're the best of the best of the BEST, sir!"  I kinda remembered, I swear!

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