Sunday, November 06, 2005

Alzo Spracht Zathura

Oh, what a paltry box office weekend! The highest total grosser is Flightplan coming in at number 10, with just a shade under 100 million. Figures that family entertainment would trump Jarhead for the #1 spot, but still pretty damn good considering. No, the #1 spot goes to Chicken Little, Disney's F.U. to the departing Pixar. They may have the animation without Pixar, but word on the street is that the writing's not up to Pixar's par. Or did everyone else already forget about Valiant?

Not much else to report. Looks like Good Night and Good Luck might make a profit yet. Oscar buzz so far: Jarhead, Capote, Clooney? Will 2005 be for Clooney what 1994 was for Zemeckis, or 1997 was for Cameron? I'll get that ball rolling. Never mind, just did.

Meantime, what about Shopgirl? Maybe it's making money overseas. Steve Martin must not need the money.

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