Monday, November 28, 2005

Rest in peace, Pat

Man, how time flies! This was the best picture I could find of Miyagi. You may still be able to check out Slapstick of another Kind from your local video store, but we'll always have The Karate Kid.
Not much happening on this end. Daily Show/ Colbert Report's back from joint hiatus. They covered the Macy's Day parade. The balloon that exploded this time was an M&M balloon. I guess it was too tasteless to say that next year they should just have a NASCAR balloon and crash that into a light pole. We've got a nation to heal, people!
What else... oh yeah, Box Office report. Potter's still Boffo, gobbling it up at the Box Office, while Walk the Line is walkin' the Bottom Line, baby! Riding Harry Potter's shadow's coattails for all it's worth!!!! YM&O going strong; let's face it, no one expected it to do anything, not even the cast & crew. Chicken Little is Box-Office Big! Still kinda paltry for a Pixar-esque production, not counting Valiant. And we won't count it. Meanwhile, skipping right to the bottom half, Derailed is pulling out of the station, and the Ice Harvest? Yeah, more like Suck-Ass Harvest!
Oh dear, this blog is no longer for the kids...

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