Saturday, November 12, 2005

John Sayles in 'Mathnet' on Square One Television

He used this appearance to help fund Eight Men Out, which featured John Cusack, who today is starring in The Ice Harvest, which I fear may end up falling through the cracks harder than the Bedazzled remake. The audiences are so fickle these days. Is it just me, or are Robert Benton and Richard Russo the same person these days? One last razz: the last time Cusack and Billy Bob were in a picture together, we got Billy Bob-gelina. Maybe this time Billy Bob and Connie Nielsen will tie the knot, who knows. It could happen!
What else? Mouth-breather Keira Knightley was recently on the Daily Show plugging her latest flick Pride and/& Prejudice, wisely side-stepping the recent Domino. Sorry, Tony, but it's a fact; besides, Donnie Darko wasn't a box-office smash initially either. In the end, it's all just projects in-between Pirates sequels. Same thing happened with the Matrix movies. Whaddayagonna do?
What other movie news... Oh yeah. Derailed! Humph! Someone declared that this is Aniston's first strike in a new campaign to be a big movie star, post-Brangelina, I guess. (back to her again, oy! Well, she is pretty hot. And lippy.) From the ads, it's Death Wish-style antics of the Attractive People vs. the Butt-Ugly people, some with the One Bad Eye. Oh, why can't the Danny Trejo-types ever be the good guys? Or is it too late for his life story to be put on film? Get on it, Spy Kids man!
Man, I exhaust myself! Over and out, good buddies.

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