Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Simpsons 17.4: Treehouse of Horror XVI

Well, they still got it as far as I'm concerned. Starting with an homage to the beginning of 'Contact' and the end of Men in Black, the Simpsons stay on the cutting edge of sit-com writing. We'll just have to wait til 2008 to see what the movie offers.
B.I.: Bartificial Intelligence - Spielberg must've got a chuckle out of that. It follows the arc of the movie pretty faithfully up to a point, and then it becomes Robocop 2!! Now I can't get that damn Eagles song out of my head.
...can't remember the name of that second one. SURVIVAL OF THE FATTEST (had to look it up) Some good jokes: a reincarnated Apu screaming "Help me, Jesus!" and of course the bit with Moe, impaled on a cruel weather vane saying "Ah, well, might as well check my lottery ticket.... a million! Wow! I've won! Now if I can just get off this weather vane......"
I've Grown A Costume to your face... I bet Pixar wishes they thought of that. Does sound a little like a variation on the conceit of Monsters, Inc. Another good use of the massive Simpsons ensemble.

p.s. Isn't it episode 17.3? I think there were only two Simpsons last month. I hope, since that's all I taped.

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