Friday, November 11, 2005

Mike War, Not Love

So Mike Love has finally announced his political leanings and appeared on Fox News, your one stop shop for evil. In particular, the ol' Bill O'Lielly show. Bill and Mike talked about Mike's pending lawsuit against Brian Wilson in regards to the release of Brian's "Smile" album. In short, Mike needs some more money to make his monthly alimony payments. Notice how they didn't talk at all about any of Mike's new projects. I think he's got a new album out that I'm never going to hear, and he certainly isn't going to make the kind of money off that than he will off any future lawsuits against Brian. I hope he loses them all.
Oh but there's so many others to beat up on. Schwarzenegger's suffering another defeat. The graft he's taking just isn't enough these days. So there you go. If a guy as rich as Schwarzenegger takes graft even though he says he won't, what hope is there for any of us? I do have an idea for 'Terminator 4' if Jonathan Mostow's interested. This time we focus on CyberDyne Industries itself, which is now under new management. The new management tries to find a way to make their Terminators cheaper with more plastic parts instead of metal. They try to ship jobs overseas to India and China, but the unions start getting up in arms. A Terminator is sent back in time to frame the heads of the unions, but as it turns out, Terminators aren't made for espionage, just blowing stuff up really good. That's all I got so far, I figure the third act will write itself, just like it did in T3. Maybe it's time to let James Cameron do his cinematic explanation of time travel as he wanted to do in T2. Or was it The Abyss? I just don't know.
Over and out.

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Zahra said...

New Job, Juanes, y Pura Vida
A little photo-blogging for the ladies, above. That's Juanes , a Colombian pop star I saw in concert in Costa Rica during my break between jobs.
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