Sunday, October 26, 2008


Oh, doesn't he remind you of Bernanke? Am I the only one? All right.
Seriously, though, how about this credit crunch, huh? At least we're taking the rest of the world with us, or as much of it as we can. The way things are going, the NASDAQ's going to be higher than the Dow! Am I right, Krugman? But you wouldn't know it looking at Hollywood. Oh, Disney's having its best quarter ever! Not even with the high-end stuff! They're eating up the cheap crap now, too! Cool. Very cool.
Starting with Tyler Perry's High School Musical 3. Actually, Tyler had nothing to do with it, but I'll bet he wishes he did! Well, sorry, Ty, but they call it Flavor of the Month for a reason.
So that for the kiddies, and Saw V for the teens. Coming in at only #2, the Saw franchise keeps right on chugging along. Oh, if only Dr. Giggles was coming out now, right, Manny? So now that there's been five Saw movies, does that qualify it for the big Versus sweepstakes? Can it take on the winner of Freddy v. Jason? Or Halloween v. Hellraiser? Help me out here, horror nerds.
Well, for those of you who are statistics fans, and I know there are a lot of you out there, at this point there's the type of drop-off in the numbers we usually see when Spielberg's got a movie coming out. This worries me because the pattern's asserting itself with wimpy numbers! Falling from 30.5 to 7.6! This will not stand! Oh, but reality is a harsh mistress, and stand the data shall, as we go to this week's #3, Max Payne at ... 7.6 million dollars. How's Marky Mark supposed to eat? Speaking of which, #4 goes to the dogs as Beverly Hills Chihuahua slowly makes its way to the video shelves. Rounding out the top 5 is this week's THIRD and final newbie, Pride and Glory. Only three? Another sign of the times. Well, it's good that Norton's getting more work than ever now, but please. Copland 3? Departed 2? What is this? Devil's Own 1 1/2? State of Grace 5? Gimme a sign, fellas!
As for the rest, well, they're pretty much the same as last week, just in free fall. They've pretty much kept the same order, except Quarantine's pulling ahead of Body of Lies. Two weeks ago, Quarantine was at #2, with Body of Lies at #3. Then last week, BoL was at #6, but Q pulled ahead to #7! And now BoL is ninth, with Q coming in 10th. Good hustle, kid! Bees, Dubya and Eagle, however, are holding steady in their respective places, as all of these things are slowly getting purged from the theaters. As Moe once told Homer, "Homer, my customers are soberin' up! And they ain't gonna stick around for the ambiance!" ...Hah! Found the link. And it's time to go. Let me know if I forgot anything...

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