Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Vids Have It

Oh, those damn video games. Where's that Pac-Man movie I've been waiting for? They got a pinball version of Pac-Man, for God's sake! Anyway, as I should've figured, people are ready to laugh again, and Max Payne reigns triumphant this week at the Box Office. I coulda sworn W. was going to take top honors this week. Man, that guy can't do anything right. But let's hear it once again for Max Payne. And a brief shout-out to Beau Bridges; somehow I don't think he'll get the kudos that Jeff got for Iron Man. Oh well. Keep tryin', buddy!
Meanwhile, Beverly Hills Chihuahua slips to #2. Had to happen sometime. Bees is right behind at #3. Not bad for a chick flick! It's this century's Fried Green Tomatoes.
One last word on W.: Oscar noms? Or will it get the Brokeback Mountain treatment? Nominated like crazy but ultimately left at the altar...
Rounding out the top 5 it's Eagle Eye. Man, I thought that thing would never come down. Hang in there, Shia. There's always Transformers 2, and Shaker Heights 2: The Next Day!
#6 brings us Body of Lies. Sorry, guys, more people could get in to see Max Payne instead for an action fix.
A brief Shout-Out to Jermaine Jackson... oh, wait. Different one, I guess. And he's in Quarantine at #7. #8 is Nick and Norah... don't they know that most relationships, where the two people have the same letter in their first name, are DOOMED? Doomed, I tells ya! I read that in Cosmopolitan this week. And speaking of doomed, Rodanthe is at #10, almost gone. And we're almost gone, but before we go, let's scrutinize the FOURTH newbie this week: Sex Drive. This century's Road Trip, as if we needed another one. Well, as I thought, it did slightly better than College. Slightly better, and I think you can thank Scott Evil and Cyclops for that. See, College, you gotta have some stars to make some money. Not that Drake Bell isn't good. I swear that Josh Zuckerman's using a phony name. That's Andy Garcia's kid, right? Gotta be! Just gotta be. Oh well, it'll be gone soon enough. Time to hit the itchy hay.

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