Friday, February 27, 2009

Emergency Auteur Watch - Coen Brothers ... is that Crispin Glover?

(3/11/09 - special addendum. I braved the wilds and the grown-over weeds of that old Yahoo! Coen Bros. club I belonged to, hacked my way through the thickets of women wanting to show off their large implants and the nettles of the men who want to find them, and found my old treasure trove...

The ultimate 'spoiler'

On the Bravo! Network special about the Coens
(Bravo! Profiles) they showed this, I assume Ethan's,
bookcase, with their screenplays in the works. And,
ravenous, as I am for anything even remotely Coen-related,
I had to pause the tape to catch the titles of the
Screenplays, so beware. Spoiler ahead!

Coast To Coast
Miller's Crossing
(alphabetical from here)
Big Lebowski
Blood Simple
Coast To Coast
The Concierge
Cult Cop
A Man In Shades (2nd Draft)
Intolerable Cruelty
The Land of Youth
Leap In The Dark
Johnny Skidmarks
Justified Sin (1st Draft)
A Man In Shades
A Man In Shades (1st Draft)
Meet Bobby Buttman
Mr. Murder
Quark Victory
Red Harvest
To The White Sea

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