Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I ... CAN'T ... Believe It!

Actually, I can. Star Trek at #1, who knew. And next week it'll be Angels & Demons, and the week after that... Angels & Demons again, but Night at the Museum 2 will be in close second. Mark my words. Still, something about them swapping out Jonathan Frakes for J. J. Abrams troubles me. This J.J., he's like a Michael Bay clone somehow. And the new cast seems to be pulled from a GQ photo shoot or something. But Nimoy was asked to come back. And of course Tyler Perry shows us all how it's done... or so I've heard. Haven't actually seen it yet, but no need! There's a SEQUEL in the works already! Hope it's as good as the first one!
Okay, so Star Trek's #1 this week and it's already at #62 in the IMDb Top 250. So, how about it, Trekkies? Is it good enough? That's what I want to know. I want to hear from the disgruntled Trekkies whose input was ignored at the various Coms and gatherings and what-not. Actually, scratch that. I get bugged enough with email requests as it is. You're free to leave me alone. But clearly, the economy's headed to a downturn. Look what was #1 last week! Wolverine with 85 million in the bank. Star Trek this week with only 75! Oh, how could Obama let this happen? But Wolverine does okay in second place with 26.4 mill. Pretty soon it just might overtake Monsters v. Aliens! It could happen, one's gotta hope. At #3, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past does what it can to muscle its way back up to the top, but fails miserably. I guess it's clearly beaten Obsessed at #4, but my man McC must be depressed about this nevertheless. He was much more beloved in the 90s, and no one cared if he smoked the ol' wacky tobacky. Now it's all the people want to see!
--As for the rest, don't care. Same ol' stuff. All that stuff I'm destined to walk by on the video shelves. But I will give a Shout Out to the other debut this week. There were but two: Star Trek and Benny Boom's film Next Day Air. Mos, you're gonna have to take a page from Ice Cube's book and do that PG-rated family copy your agent tried to show to you. Mike Epps, keep up the good work. Benny Boom! Stage name or not, what the heck are you going to direct next? If only this were the 80s, you'd be perfect for the next Rambo pic! Or maybe something with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He always used to be around cool explosions. Ah, nostalgia.

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