Saturday, May 30, 2009

Auteur Watch - Jon(athan) Kasdan

Gotta keep it short this week, what with the homework and all. Sigh. To be doing this on a part-time non-salaried basis. Anyway, I was originally going to profile Lawrence Kasdan, as he comes next in our Alphabetical Auteur Parade, but that would require a long detailed history. So I figured maybe Jake Kasdan would take less time, but look at that resumé! He's practically an old hand at this racket himself. (My God! They look alike!!)
Which brings us to Jon Kasdan. Nice short resumé, but clearly, also born with the talent gene. Writer, actor, director. He's like three people all in one body. He had a bit part in Barry Sonnenfeld's Big Trouble. I still don't understand the connection between the Sonnenfelds and the Kasdans. Barry never shot any of Larry's films. They did both use Owen Roizman at one point. Maybe that's it: they have a nice non-working relationship. Still doesn't explain why a water tower with the name "Kasdan Metalworks" explodes in Wild Wild West, though. Now, what kind of a tribute is that?
But back to the man of the profile. Regarding film actors, I always look at their list of credits, and I can't help but wonder which film they'd prefer not to have on it. As an actor, I wonder what Jon would prefer to scrub from his resume: Slackers or Dreamcatcher. If I were him, I'd remove Dreamcatcher. Oh, snap! I'll have to watch I Love You to Death again. Man, he was just a sprout back then!
I'm looking at that resume of his, and I get worried: no projects in development. At least Jake's got something. Jon's got nothing! But he'll always have In the Land of Women. Nice to know that the son of a famous writer/director can still get a decent cast for his freshman feature debut... if it was 1993! Am I right, Onion and Village Voice? Good grief. But getting Meg Ryan to be in your movie is still a triumph... oh, right.

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