Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Auteur Watch - Rachel Talalay

Dang! Only got one more auteur left for the year. Meanwhile, everyone going to Hollywood on the bus expects to turn out like Julie Taymor or Nia Vardalos. You know, the next big superstar / future flash-in-the-pan. Then, of course, you could end up like Rachel Talalalalalalay over here. Back in the day, if you landed yourself a sweet gig with Robert Shaye, he'd take care of you! Ten years of working for peanuts and you'd get to DIRECT one of his bombs! As you can see from Rachel's web page here,
just as The Game is skipped over when going from Seven to Fight Club on Fincher's resumé, so too is Ghost in the Machine skipped over for Nightmare on Elm Street 6 and Tank Girl. They got name recognition and brand loyalty, baby! Icons. Stars... Icons. Sorry, I don't have my thesaurus here with me. And so, it's the 90s that are the decade of choice for Ms. Talalay, when she finally earned the right to sit in the director's chair during working hours, as opposed to the scrappy, scrap-happy 80s when she would sit in it while working various jobs like production accountant, assistant, location manager, what have you. Busy, busy, busy! With the corns and bunions to prove it. And then came the 2000s, where it's off to Television Row with all the greats like Rod Daniel, Joel Zwick and Peter Bonerz, where all good directors go to die. Unless you can find enough sycophants to keep your dream alive. Merry Christmas, Rachel!

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