Sunday, December 19, 2010

Auteur Watch - Susan Seidelman

Dang, I'm tired. I've been purging all my Dubya-era emails, and there was one consistent theme: every day there seemed to be some new revelation in The New York Times and the parties who sent me the links kept saying that THIS will be the smoking gun that puts an end to this disastrous presidency. Never did happen that way, though. And you know who's fault it is? Bill Clinton. If he had just stepped down after the Monica Lewinsky affair, we never would have tolerated David Vitter, John Ensign and Mark Sanford... something like that. Even Brett Favre, for God's sake! The point is, nothing is Dubya's fault. And the poor guy's on the radio saying "Why do they have to be called the Bush tax cuts?" Now, there might be more than a few of you who could look up an actual quote of ol' Dubya, saying he wanted to make his tax cuts PERMANENT. There's probably even video or audio of it, with Turd Blossom in tow, saying it as well. The point is, deficits don't matter, and video and audio don't matter any more. Whoever has the gold makes the rules.
But that's the era we're living in now. Take Susan Seidelman, for example. Goddess of the 80s, when we were all mildly afraid of nuclear annihilation, and all trying to climb that corporate ladder in that Decade some of us like to call Me. Me myself, I was still climbing the grade school ladder. Pity those poor fools doing it now. On the other hand, they got the Twilight series, the lucky bastids. But with Desperately Seeking Susan, Making Mr. Right and She-Devil, S.S. was right there in the crotch of the MTV zeitgeist. But just as The Game gets skipped over between Se7en and Fight Club when discussing Fincher's résumé, she faltered a bit with Cookie, but hey, Nobody's Perfekt. And then, shunned by her fellow chick auteurs, the 90s doomed Miss Susan to B-list projects and, GASP! TV shows! On the other hand, Sex and the City, it's HBO, not TV. Still, she clearly wasn't in with the hip Gas Food Lodging indie crowd.
As for the 2000s, the Dubya decade, well, The Onion doomed Boynton Beach Club to a lifetime of getting passed over in the Comedy section of the local video store. I know, it's not The Onion's fault. (Watch their Comedy Central show in the new year!) But it's not all bad news: according to the IMDb, Susan's just turned 58! She's got at least a half a decade on that Mary Lambert...

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