Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The finer things keep shining through...

Oh, even I couldn't resist. Who could? Any stadium roof collapse, I'm so all over that. As David Letterman might say, "There's your big time spectacle right there!" Who needs this week's box office?
Well, Walden Media, for one, and the estate of C. S. Lewis must be fairly pleased.
The third big Narnia movie's out, and it's in 3-D, no less. There's also The Tourist and Black Swan, the big indie breakthrough hit. Aronofsky steals from himself and photographs a new "wrestler" from behind so we can't see her face; at least, for a while. Oscar time for Portman? Oh, I think so. She's not in Sandra Bullock's league, but who besides Sandra Bullock herself is?

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