Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fockers and Bridges

There. I'm trying to make my obscure references a little less obscure. Anyway, is Jeff Bridges' 2010 shaping up to be like George Clooney's 2005? Could be! Except that the Dude doesn't SEEM to be as political... something like that. From my shallow reading of the situation, anyway.
But it still comes as little to no surprise that Fockers 3 is top dawg at the box office. Did they wrap up the trilogy all nice and neat like? Is the door open for a fourth in 3D? Sigh. That's what I get for not getting out to the cinema more often. The critics sure seem to hate it, though, as they do most things.
And so, while Tron has yet to recoup its purported $300 million price tag, True Grit may have broken even on advertising. They're being coy with budget information, the very thing that every true Coen brothers fan wants to know: was anybody grouchy on the set, and how much did the damn thing cost? Did Spielberg get final cut? Did the ghost of Stanley Kubrick follow them around Texas? Tell me, tell me, tell me! More info, damn it, MORE INFO! (site for more info)
The only other debut this week is that god-awful reboot of Gulliver's Travels. Well, all I know is, if Kyle Gass isn't in it, how good could it be?? New Star Wars trilogy cameraman David Tattersall worked on it; it's a step up for him, anyway, right? Oh, snap!

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