Thursday, December 02, 2010

Box Office Person of the Week: Nov. 28, 2010

Careful, Mike Myers! You're going to look like this someday. Welp, I've lagged behind my usual deadlines again, but this week, Thanksgiving aside, is certainly a special one. Now, I could sit here and tell you about the debuts this week: Tangled, Faster, Love and Other Drugs ... oh, but you can get that anywhere. The Onion, Variety, CNN, what have you. But for me, the REAL story, the real revelation this week, is of course the rise of this gentleman pictured before you: Steve Antin, writer and director of Burlesque. The latest in a rather long line now of films, isn't it? I mean, even though everyone hates Moulin Rouge (2001) now, but it did lead to Chicago, Idlewild, Nine, ... I'm sure I'm forgetting several. Does Dreamgirls count? If it doesn't, it should, damn it. But even though he's on top of the world now, it was no easy road for Monkey Zetterland. After all, he did have to spend the 90s preparing for his directing duties to come in the 2000s... oh, dear. He seems to have given up on acting as well. Probably for the best. He could afford to hire someone to play him in this movie, anyway; I'm guessing it's the Peter Gallagher character he would've taken. Dang! Well, in the final analysis, I guess I can't tell the story as well as Antin himself could, and I'm guessing I'll receive a hostile rebuke soon enough for this whole post, but in the meantime, you gotta hand it to a guy in his early 50s who can break through in this Twilight/Diary of a Wimpy Kid-obsessed culture... and I'm being kind this time! I said EARLY 50s. Then again, I was never much good when it comes to Hollywood protocol. According to the IMDb, he's 52 years old, so I guess we say he's in his late 40s or, like Jack Benny, 42 years old. A final toast to Dick Zetterland!!

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