Monday, December 06, 2010

Short Reviews - November 2010

Oh, Mike McGlone... what happened to you, man? You used to be cool. The king of indie cinema... sort of. Second only to Edward Burns. Now you're doing Geico commercials!... actually, they are pretty amusing. They got more laughs in it than She's the One, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, now that the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Adam Sandler's Grown Ups has received so much hoopla, I think it's time for the wunderkind to go back to his Mr. Deeds roots to remake the classics. Might I suggest the following remake: Sunset Boulevard. An Oscar favourite! Why, even Martin Lawrence tried his hand at it, but you should probably stick with Dennis Dugan as director. I don't know who'd be perfect in the Gloria Swanson role. Maybe Olivia de Havilland? She's still alive. She could do the whole rappin' granny bit from The Wedding Singer. Maybe Zsa Zsa Gabor or Jennifer Aniston. If all else fails... that's right! TWO roles! Adam plays the William Holden part AND the Gloria Swanson part! And as a little Oscar bonus, the Erich von Stroheim part.

Lots of time period-based titles this month: 127 Days, The Next 3 Days, Faster... okay, not that many. Still, makes you think!

The Warrior's Way - I thought that was Mickey Rourke!

Bob the Butler - Boy! Thank God for cable. I have new found respect for Brooke Shields as an actor. Pretending to enjoy kissing Tom Green must've been soul crushing!

True Grit - Only 29 days to go... do I have to update that figure? Damn, I knew I shoulda learnt JScript, or Javascript. You know, one of those nerd/geek dialects.

Lianna - Great film. Never saw it.

Oleanna - Not as good as the stage production.

How Do You Know - ... it will be a hit?

The Beaver - Ward, I'm awfully worried about the Beaver!

Just Go With It - Maybe on cable... maybe.

The Fighter - David O. Russell AND Christian Bale on the same set? The shouting matches must've been legendary!

127 Days - Survivorman: The Motion Picture. No witchetty grubs, though.

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