Monday, April 25, 2011

Auteur Watch - Greer and Jenniphr Goodman

Did I misspell that right? I just can't be bothered to look for a still from The Tao of Steve right now. Pics of the Goodman sisters seem to be rare on the internet. Go figure.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. Time for another installment of Auteur Watch, where this year we profile all the hot brother/sister/mother-father-daughter directing teams of Hollywood. Up next, Jenniphr and Greer Goodman, because you've got to distinguish yourself somehow in Hollywood. This is the big leagues, man! Misspelling your name is a good start, but the novelty wears off quickly. There's also another sister, a Dana Goodman. All daughters of John Goodman... no, not the real-life Fred Flintstone, silly! John L. Goodman of Scarsdale, New York! Get it right, man!
So which decade was best for the Goodmans? Was it the go-go 80s? Punk hairdos, MTV, and Sally Cruikshank waiting in the wings? College seemed like it would last forever, but you gotta pluck your head out of the clouds and join the real world someday. Just ask Dr. Zhivago! Okay, nothing on the Goodmans' resumé in the 80s so we must look to the 90s. The Earth Decade, Nirvana, Dee-Lite, and Bill Clinton, and a little film called Europa Europa... I mean Niagara Niagara. What little I know. If I were real good I'd be able to rattle off ten to twenty films with the same word twice... Rochelle Rochelle?  Nah, that's fictional... Boeing Boeing! That's it! Anyway, this was a clarifying experience for the collective Goodmans. Hell, the All That Jazz guy's best days are clearly behind him. We're as good as HE ever was... why don't we direct our own damn movie? Three years later, at the start of the new Dark Ages, The Tao of Steve was bourne. A classic. Maybe not an IMDb Top 250 classic, but close enough. Will the male psyche ever be the same after this film tore its all-too-fragile edifice down? Surely the 2000s would shape up to be the bestest decade of all, if only for the Goodmans... well, maybe, just not in terms of film work. Where's the Sundance circuit? The honorary teaching jobs at NYU? Hosting IFC's special weekend they invented just for you? Well, there was the Cinderellas of Santa Fe... that was good! Basically, the Goodman's life story... Then there's Four Lane Highway. Just from reading the plot synopsis, this can be seen as the flip side of the same coin: the Goodmans trying to win back their former glory, doing some heavy drinking along the way. Nothing a couple swigs of social lubricant can't fix, esp. in Hollywood. Here's hoping the 2010s look up for you. Maybe you can be production assistants on the Spider Man 2 remake. It's coming, right? Make one yourselves! Be trailblazers, damn it!

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