Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello Hanna!

Say goodbye to the 47 Ronin... say hello to the one Ronan! Ronan the Barbarette, baby! This albino hit girl's balls to the wall in the kick-ass department! ... oh, wait. It only debuted at #3. That's no good. Hop maintains its pace against the other turtles and stays at #1 for a second week in a row. The new Arthur reboot debuts at #2, even though Helen Mirren hosted SNL this weekend. Apparently, the SNL crowd just isn't the movie-going demographic anymore! Their parents are anti-fun, apparently. Hanna almost qualifies for one of those movies that people do in-between the big franchise pictures, except the Before pic in this case was almost 10 years ago! Saoirse and Blanchett are gearing up to do The Hobbit now. Other examples include: Mad Love with Chris O'Donnell and Drew Barrymore before they did Batman 3 together. Keanu did a bunch between Matrix pics: Me and Will, The Replacements, The Watcher, The Gift, Sweet November, and Hardball with Chris Matthews... I mean, Hard Ball. For Johnny Depp, it's hard to say what counts in between the Pirates pics (2003-2006). The Libertine and ...And They Lived Happily Ever After are the only small pics he did. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Finding Neverland? Big pics. Corpse Bride? Relatively small big-pic with big people behind the making of it. It's all relative.
In other news, the third debut of the week is Soul Surfer. Why does this seem like a documentary? ...oh, right. Sorry, folks, but I didn't do my homework again. It's based on a book by someone named Bethany Hamilton. It's an inspirational story, I guess. Not Rosa Parks-type inspirational, but at least someone's out in the fresh air! I'm like most and spend too much time indoors. Besides, don't feel too sorry for Bethany. She presented at the most recent Country Music Awards. She's bonafide now! She'll never be alone again with the country-western crowd. And finally, our last debut this week is the Medieval stoner comedy Your Highness. Well, even though it debuted at #6, I wouldn't despair on behalf of the filmmakers. After all, The Big Lebowski tanked when it was first released... and now look at it! And besides, by this time next year, Danny McBride's going to have his own shelf, nay, his own WING at my local video store. He's just that beloved. But when does HE get to present at the Country Music Awards? He's a Georgia peach! I guess the terrorists win after all.

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