Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh, Madea... will you ever win?

Well, Rio makes the box office its b'eatch once again, ALMOST crossing the 100 million dollar mark in its second week. If it were Ice Age 4 it'd do that within the first 36 hours. But that, of course, is not the big story this week. Tyler Perry's Spring 2011 project is out, and even though he apparently wishes Madea were dead, Madea is back with Madea's Big Happy Family, I believe it's called. And as you can see, they're copying the Godfather poster once again. Ah, delusions of grandeur. Personally, I would've gone with Citizen Madea or Madea-mento. Or maybe even Madea-ception. Something else from the IMDb Top 250... The Shawshank Madea-demption? This is slightly off topic, but I saw this photo of Camille Winbush at the Madea premiere. I remember her best from Ghost Dog, and to a lesser extent, Eraser. But in looking at this photo, and this photo... this might not sound right, but I think there could be a role for her as Michelle Obama in a few years! Oh Camille Winbush, will you marry me? I guess she gets that a lot. Speaking of love, that damn Water for Elephants debuted at #3. ONLY #3? What's the matter, Twilight fans? 'Fraid to pony up for your fave actor? Cheapskates. I'll bet the book Water for Elephants is based on is just as vacuous and youth-obsessed as the Twilight series is. The difference here: Hal Holbrook gets to play the old Robert Pattinson. That's right, Rob. Take a good look. That'll be you someday! Don't be the live fast die young type; that's such a cliché. Unfortunately, Halbert, there's no role for you in the final installment of Twilight as the old decrepit Edward Cullen... is there? According to IMDb, no. But the vampire rules have been so bent and twisted out of shape by Twilight and others by now, maybe it's possible. You can make it happen, Hal 8600. I believe in you, and so does your management!
Also debuting this week is another Disney Nature pic, African Cats. But we can see that on Nat-Geo at home for free! I mean, for the price of cable... you know what I mean. And at least the scourge of Your Highness has been swept from the Top 10. Thank Goodness! I gotta run.

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