Friday, April 01, 2011

Short Reviews - March 2011

Juwanna Mann 2 now on DVD starring Nick Cannon... is that asking so much?

Well, Daniel Benzali seems to have found his proper level in show business: on Genital Hospital... one of those soapers, anyway. Meanwhile, Vanessa Marcil's also on there. Some of you might remember her as the girlfriend with pig tails in The Rock (1996). I dare say she's looking pretty good! But does she deserve to be filed under the awful "Cougar" rubric? I guess it's ultimately the fate of all hot chicks... at least Cameron Diaz seems to be having some fun with it. She is, isn't she? On SNL every coupla months or so?
In serious film news, Lars von Trier's getting in on the Red Riding Hood craze, and is turning what was going to be Dogville Part 2 into a 12 hour miniseries based on Aesop's Fables. He doesn't have a title for it yet.

Sucker Punch - And to think Zack Snyder's going to do the new Superman. Superman's not man enough to handle Suckerpunch!

The Soloist - Great film, great music. I only heard it from the next room. Downey Jr. obviously wasn't enough of a jerk in it.

The Caveman's Valentine - Great film. Never saw it... well, saw some of it... Samuel L.'s too crazy in it, frankly!

The Blind Side - Great film. Never saw it.

Round Midnight (1986) -... is that the one?

Resurrecting the Champ - Hmmm... all these films have SOMETHING in common... but what?

Reign on Me - Now now... Sandler's still the saviour in this one. Just go with it.

WarGames - Obviously a fantasy. A computer hacker with a great body AND a girlfriend? Puh-leeze.

Win Win - Oh boy! Another portrait of dystopic, indie flim small-town America? More Blue Velvet-lite?

Thumbsucker - Alexander Payne-esque

Humble Pie - Not humble enough

Better Off Dead - Father of Humble Pie...

Melancholia - Finally! The two Charlottes are working together: Gainsbourg and Rampling! If only we could get Rashida Jones in there somehow... but why? And for whom?

Your Highness - Remake of Year One. My question is: what would Kenny Powers think? Daniel, are you trying to make Kenny Powers cry? And isn't Jody Hill feeling a little left out as well?

Soul Surfer - Blue Crush 2?

The Conspirator - Well, Spielberg can't be too happy about this one. Stealing his thunder a li'l bit!

Camelot, Spartacus: You Are the Man, Game of Thrones... isn't the market getting flooded with these new original cable series yet?

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