Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Auteur Watch - Darin and Glen Morgan

Moving swiftly on to the next set of auteurs, it's time to look at Glen and Darin Morgan. Glen Morgan's the kind of guy who has an admirable Hollywood career. Not exemplary, like Spielberg, Scorsese, Zemeckis, Troy Duffy, what have you. Just admirable. He gets work and he does it. Maybe not quite the kind of guy who works on The Incredible Hulk, wears a gold chain and tells people "I gotta eat, don't I?" Just seemingly stuck in the Hollywood middle class of the DGA. He's formed a Coen brothers-style bond with James Wong, apparently, but they're probably not going to share the Oscar for best direction any time soon. Glen's worked on many TV shows, and cut his teeth on The X-Files for a while, as did a lot of other people. Now, Darin, on the other hand... when one saw "Written by Darin Morgan" in the credits of an X-Files episode, hold on to your hats! Carnival freaks, psychics, Charles Nelson Reilly... definitely a cut above in quality. Arguably, this new-found prestige clearly went to his head with the episode of Millennium called "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me." But he appears to have paid a long-enough penance and is now back in the good graces of Steady Employment In Showbiz. Unfortunately, Darin's no longer appearing on the radar of Good TV writing, but really, with this whole damn internet craze, who can these days? It's all about personality now! The Situation! Tina Fey! Larry David! Lawrence O'Donnell! Rage... taking over... I better just go on to the next Stooge film.

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