Saturday, October 15, 2011

Auteur Watch - Jonathan and Christopher Nolan

Well, things couldn't be going better for these two, that's for sure. Then again, success comes with its own problems. Whether it's kidnapping threats or failing kidneys, everybody wants a piece of ya. The big flap right now is over the new Catwoman's outfit, and people are being downright catty about it! Will the studio make last minute digital changes? You can do a lot more with digital these days. Maybe they can Gump in Ellen Page instead. Do they still call it Gump? Or is it Photoshop now?
Older by six years, Chris is clearly the alpha brother of the two. Both worked on Chris' short films before striking it big with Memento. They even got to enter next year's Oscars! That's how good it was. Then came Insomnia. How anyone survives working with Robin Williams these days is a mystery to me, but Chris did it, and got to reboot the Batman franchise, and as anyone who owns TimeWarner stock will tell you, it was an epic, iconic game-changer. Especially that second one! But, never one to stand still, Chris is able to pull off the "indie" film in-between blockbusters: The Prestige, and Inception. One of which features Christian Bale. Chris wanted to use Bale in Inception, but I guess the guy was busy doing something... Anyway, Nolan's developing his own little stock company, putting many of the Inception cast in the next Batman pic. It's being called the last Batman pic, but I'm sure he'll find something for his stock company to do next. Meanwhile, Jonathan's got Person of Interest to contend with and, while Robert Downey Jr.'s trying to resurrect Mel Gibson's reputation, Jim Caviezel's reputation just might come first. Or maybe it's already back. Michael Emerson's okay and all, and thank God he got out of the Saw series while the getting was good, but I hope they bring in Alan Cumming at some point. Harold Finch as a younger man? Finch's long lost brother? Writers can do anything these days, and it's not like Alan's so busy these days, is it?
So I'm going out on a limb here, but I dare say these Nolan boys have done quite well in these here 2000s. If the 2000s aren't their favorite decade, none of them will be! The rise of the Nolans, the fall of George W. Bush's America 2.0. By the time the next Batman movie hits, they'll be able to buy America with all the money they'll make. A toast to our future overlords! May they not bring about universal toll roads.

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