Sunday, October 30, 2011

Auteur Watch - Penny and Garry Marshall

I cannot believe I forgot this powerhouse sibling pair! I have to temporarily suspend the alphabetical order of things... oh, it's just that important. Sorry, Parlapanides, but you're just a'gonna hafta wait'a. Well, I guess Garry's doing all the powering these days, frankly. He's made a movie called "Valentine's Day". Up next? "New Year's Day" or "New Year's Eve." If he's really bold, he'll do "Pesach" or "The Bestest Yom Kippur Ever."
As with the Scotts, Ridley and Tony, one's got the brains and sensitivity, and one's got the box office savvy. Penny caught on for a while during the 90s when the Cold War ended and we were ready to get in touch with our feelings. Garry had a couple tricks up his sleeve, though! Cheeky bastard. If I had to guess, I'd say the 80s were Penny's favorite decade. Well, she's kinda mid-decades. If I had to guess, I'd say 1985-1995 were her favourite years. After The Preacher's Wife, it was a slow decline into... shudder! Directing TV. According to Jim? Puh-leeeeeze. Jim's not a good director's actor. 1999's Made Men? That's Jim's kind of thing.
As for Garry, well, it appears that, after Pretty Woman, he was pretty much free to bomb as he pleased. Tis a long way between blockbusters after all. But God bless him, Hector Elizondo won't do a film without Garry... motel pictures, huh? A toast to the practically guaranteed success of New Year's Eve. Take a chance on the trilogy, Gar. Make a romantic Boxing Day blockbuster with Don McKellar in the lead. Take a chance!

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