Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hey! Remember 1988?

What a year. The Talking Heads began their long slide into breaking up after the over-produced "Little Creatures" and "Naked." John Hughes was growing up, so to speak, moving into family territory with "She's Having a Baby." Bruce Hornsby and his soft-rock minions taking MTV away from the children. "Rain Man" sweeping the Oscars. Me, I was just starting high school and trying to keep my head above water. The point being, 1988 is when "Paranormal Activity 3" takes place. I hope they got the production design right! They must be doing something right, as each film in the trilogy's been raking in the dough. Bet the Saw films wish they could do that well. Less is more, guys. Someday, all hit movies will be filmed on cellphones from a web diary point of view. Won't our eyes be thanking us in advance for that?
Meanwhile, the Brits are taking a sacking at the box office. The other two debuts this week clearly aren't faring as well. The Three Musketeers at #4? Did Dick Lester direct this one as well? Are they not trying hard enough? On the other end of the spectrum, there's Johnny English 2: The Sequel No One Wanted. Lemme tell you something: if even Richard Curtis didn't want anything to do with it, you're in trouble. Someone's in trouble. Probably all of us. But he's working for Spielberg! Everything is below his level now. He'll choose his projects a lot more carefully for now on... if he's smart. Just saying. Better run.

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