Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hey! Remember the 80s?

I'll have to keep asking that for about 10 more years at least... As you may have read on Yahoo! News, Real Steel and Footloose duke it out for the #1 spot. Another great week for corporate-funded underdogs. But personally, I think they blew valuable casting opportunities on the Footloose remake! Why not Kevin Bacon as the new Pastor Moore? Why not Lori Singer as Vi? Why not have it be some kind of allegory? Why not have Ren M(a)cCormack all grown up and turned into a stodgy old man like Pastor Moore was? You can't be footloose forever! The next generation takes over! It's the natural order of things. Which doesn't bode well for me, as I'm getting on in years myself. Also debuting this week is a reboot of The Thing, and I can only assume it's a reboot of John Carpenter's '80s reboot of the original '50s horror flick. May the 80s be rebooted forever. Isn't Tim Burton doing a Frankenweenie remake?... he still is? Good Lord. But that's the bad half of the 80s, probably. I don't know how these decade things work. And last but not least amongst the debuts, it's the latest Steve Martin vehicle, The Big Year. Well, considering that it's bombing, let's call it David Frankel's The Big Year. He's had a good run lately: The Devil Wears Prada, Marley & Me ... good in terms of box office. Let's hope his next one gets him back on track. Hasn't the whole Fly Away Home thing run its course already?

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