Monday, April 02, 2012

Auteur Watch - Amanda and Aly Michalka

Shame on me! And I thought I knew all the playas out there! I know Miley Cyrus, I know Justin Bieber, the Jonas brothers, the Duff Sisters, I know ... Selena Gomez, that's the one. Just discovered the Michalkas! Well, they're just cute as buttons. Looks like Amanda's getting the lock on bitchy older sister roles with Super 8 and Secretariat. As for this picture... OMG. Such blondage and hotness! Although I hope that's their mom posing instead of sister Aly on the left. Somehow the one on the left looks older than 20; more cougar-ish, but in a nice way. Anyway, back to the directing. While Amanda's the talented one in front of the camera, Aly's making her career moves behind the camera with 2005's Aly & AJ in Concert. If this were on the Onion's sarcastic radar, they'd no doubt trash it. But they're still better than Prussian Blue, right? ...RIGHT?!!

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